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Here’s a fun riddle:

What do David Bowie, the Buddha, and I all agree on?

Yes, it’s time for a few of those. This Newsletter format has been exactly this way for a couple years now. Sure, bloopers are fun. Recipes are, too (but hey, it’s summer, and who spends a lot of  time in the kitchen then?). Singing joyful songs of parody – well, the Lockdown really isn’t over, and as yet, I don’t see big folky groups gathering with guitars on porches. Reading funny stuff? Well, you can always buy my humor book, and do that night & day, if you feel inclined.


SO. I’m feeling that it’s time to shift gears, move on, change focus, try something new.

Instead of MY parody lyrics all the time, I’m going to start a new feature of “music new to me”, with links to YouTube videos I like, and websites of performers I like.

Instead of recipes, there will be a “Going Greener” feature, where I share info & web links to green companies that are reducing waste, producing quality products, and even sharing their profits to make the world a better place.

And replacing both the comedic segments (bloopers and funny readings), will be just one or two things to read (yes, by me) that may be thought-provoking, MIGHT be funny, or could even simply be a poem.

The feature-by-feature changes will be starting very soon, yes, in June, perhaps by the light of this month's New Moon!

And of course, notifications will pop up, as ever, whenever another one of my novels comes out as an Ebook, on Smashwords. But the free-for-all coupon era is coming to an end at end of Summer Solstice. Pricing will then shift to a ‘BOGO’ mode, for all the full-length, two-part novels; with each NEW release being completely free for just 3 weeks from publication date. However, 100% discount coupons will randomly appear here on the Website. So do keep visiting, particularly around New Moons, Full Moons, Solstices, Equinoxes, Holidays, and similar fun times.

Speaking of NEW releases – watch for the 3rd volume of The Elfin Scots – Adam Randolph: 1833 – coming June 2021!

Oh, almost forgot – one other rather large change! I have had 2 websites for quite a few years. Lots of “author content” on one, “newsletter content” on the other. Over the summer, I will be phasing out this Newsletter one entirely, and consolidating the new replacement features, on the OTHER site, that has all the other content. Then, only ONE place to go, to find a variety of literary riches! And much more time-efficient for me.

   Ebooks by Patricia !  
3rd book in The Elfin Scots
series -
Adam Randolph: 1833
EBOOK on sale
24 June, 2021!

Literature Sale! FREE! Through 25th June 2021!

All the books shown here, are the books now available as Ebooks, on Smashwords and other popular E-reader platforms.

The Elfin Scots series (so far, first 2 books out now)

Janet Dunbar: 1790  ***   Rowena Randolph: 1813 


The Valedictoria satirical Steampunk series

Unexpected Legacy *** Scotian Adventure

Diplomatic Mission *** Secret of Triumphia


Both Niideni post-apocalyptic romance volumes:

My Life in 2381 *** My Life in Abundance Village


a volume of two short paranormal romances

All The Elements *** The Crying

(originally published in Mercurial Tales, my short fiction print collection)

 For more to read and listen to, photos to look at, author bio stuff, supplementary info on the books, a multi-category "Forum", and news, please visit my other active & interactive site,
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