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January-February 2021 "I've been ill, sorry for the delay" Edition

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Yes, the January 2021 Newsletter is very late. I've been ill. The cause, iatrogenic (caused by doctors). Started at Solstice with a very small staph infection on the edge of one fingernail. "Urgent Care" decided to send me on my way with "Keflex" antibiotic. Nobody warned me to watch for digestive issues showing up. Within a week the Keflex had destroyed all the good bacteria in my gut, leaving behind "C-diff", an often fatal bad bacteria. You don't want to know the digestive tract details. To cut to the chase, at 9pm on 2nd January, I was at Emergency in Berkeley. Admitted, and miserable, until noon of 5th January. Then sent home (due to "triage" on their part, I think; but I was more than happy to leave the Hospital of Inedible Foods).  Now, today, 12th Jan, FINALLY feeling able to start sitting at the computer again, and hope to have the entire new Newsletter edition updated by end of day.

Fixing this Landing Page was the first step. Please check back on the 13th, to find the whole new "Jan-Feb Edition" here.

P.S. A doctor at the hospital told me there ARE other "families" of antibiotics that aren't so lethal as Keflex (which was clearly overkill, for a tiny infection on the side of one fingernail, just under one or two layers of epidermis). So, if they try to brush you off with that knee-jerk prescription, tell them you know someone who almost died from the stuff, and you want an alternative treatment.


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