Song of The Month:

March 2021


Tune: Rockin’ the cradle alone  (Irish traditional)




Hi ho hi ho my Laddie, lie down-stay,

For perhaps your white fur will soon need the flea comb

Oh, I’m pettin’ and groomin’ and walkin’ my poodle

I live with a doggie in a cat-lady’s home.


As I went a-walkies one chilly wet mornin’,

To a neighbouring yard where the grass is well mown,

I was that young man makin’ sad lamentation

‘Bout walkin’ the poodle every day on my own.



Well a year has gone by since I first met my girlfriend

I thought like a fool that we’d share the walkin’

But found to my sorrow, and massive vexation

She’s proved a cat-lover, and likes to sleep in.



She goes off every weekend to some Con or other

And she leaves me here walkin’ the poodle alone

This fluffy white doggie, I tell him “I’m Daddy”,

The felines have no use for us two in their home.



When my love she comes back from the Con on a Monday

She calls the cats before she kisses her man

They rub at her ankles, with mewin’ and yowlin’,

And she cries “Hey, they’re hungry, can you open a can?”



So come all ye young men, that’s inclined to get doggies

Take my advice, leave cat-ladies alone

She might be the hottest, but by that Bast goddess,

You’re sure to be walkin’ your poodle alone.


Copyright 2020 Patricia A. Leslie

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