Alternative Lyrics of The Month / August

I thought I might wait and post this one closer to the election. But the Grump's latest efforts to turn the country into a fascist police state, just seem to make this song the only appropriate one, for now.

Nazi Armband


Tune:  Black Velvet Band (Traditional Irish)

Parody Lyrics:  Patricia A. Leslie


His eyes, did squint like a lizard’s

He’d love to be king of the land

Yellow hair flopped over his forehead

It went well with his Nazi armband.



In the tacky great town, New York City

An apprentice to Trump I was bound

And it’s many an hour of re-ality

My contract required, I found

Till a sad misfortune came over me

Which caused me to leave TV land

‘You’re fired’ had shouted The Donald,

And flicked dust off his Nazi armband.



Then I turned on my TV one evening

Not meaning to watch very long

And who should I see run for president

But this same multi-millionaire schlong.

He was neither fair nor handsome

His face was some colour unplanned

And his hands were unusually tiny

Adjusting his Nazi armband.



Yett somehow against all of my reason

I found myself warming to Trump

It seemed I’d somehow been hypnotised

By a human ho-orse’s rump.

A gold watch he took from his pocket

And dangled it for the mob’s stare

And as it swung back and forth, back and forth,

I even admired his hair.



Now despite some lingering questions

(With his logic I could not agree)

I admired this ficklesome demagogue

He was selling it all with such glee.

The media dubbed him a maverick

They all played right into his hand

For even the most damning criti-cism

Just shined up his Nazi armband.



Yes I found myself nodding and cheering

Approving my leader’s bombast.

I wanted a share of his empowerment,

Not to still be a loser, at last.

Too late I re-alised that fences

Can be built as a detention camp

I’d betrayed my friends and my neighbours

To follow the Nazi armband.



So come all you jolly millennials

A warning take by me,

Don’t lapse into-o compla-acence

Or a false sense of se-curity

For the haters will swill up the bullshit

Far more than the decent can stand

And the very next thing that you’ll know is

You’re trapped in a fascist homeland.



Lyrics copyright Patricia A. Leslie

© 2014 by P.A. Leslie. Proudly created with