Alternative Lyrics of The Month / April

In this month of the (possibly peaking) pandemic, even I am not frivolous enough to just post an irreverent set of comic song lyrics.
This is technically a "parody" I suppose, but in my mind, it's an adjustment of a comforting and uplifting song, to more accurately reflect my own spiritual convictions.
Enjoy, or ignore - whatever works!


New words:  Patricia Leslie

Tune:  He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (trad. African American spiritual)


She’s got the four directions

In Her hands

She’s got the four directions

In Her hands

She’s got the four directions

In Her hands

She’s got the whole world

In Her hands


Many  more possible verses:

She’s got the Pagans and the Witches

She's got the animal companions


She’s got the joyous songbirds


She’s got the hardworking bees


She’s got the threatened and endangered


She’s got the hunters and the hunted

She’s got ev’ry kind of being

She’s got ev’ry ecosystem


She’s got the tiny clover blossom


She’s got the tallest redwood


She’s got the corn and the wheat


She’s got cloudless skies


She’s got the winds from ev’ry quarter


She’s got the fury of the whirlwind


She’s got the spark that lights the fire


She’s got coruscating rainbows


She’s got torrential downpours


She’s got the currents of the oceans


She’s got mountain building powers


She’s got tectonic movements


She’s got the circle of the seasons


She’s got the cycle of rebirth


She’s got the code of DNA


She’s got the motions of the planets


She’s got the universe’s spiral


Lyrics copyright 2016 Patricia A. Leslie

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