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Song of The Month:

May 2021

As you can see, this is not a comic song, but it is a set of alternative lyrics. It can be comic, if you chuckle to yourself about how outraged patriarchists of most other "formal" religions would be, to hear you singing "She" instead of "He".

Recently, I've been watching a lot of videos of lectures and discussions by Terence McKenna. I've been very pleased to hear him frequently refer to The Goddess . Haven't heard him say a thing about "the god". I don't know if his sense of Her is the same as mine, but it seems to have emerged from the same place. My life acquired meaning as a result of my psychedelic experiences. I didn't manage to have nearly as many or as profound as McKenna's obviously were. But clearly, any psychedelic experience will set you on a very different path than the one the "straight" world had mapped out for you. So, please sing part or all of these verses with heartfelt enthusiasm. And think of Lady Daniu, the Great Mother Goddess, who is a fun Being to be around, in all of my "Elfin Scots" novels.


Alternative, Pagan, Goddess-centric words:

 by Patricia A. Leslie

Tune:  He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (trad. African American spiritual)


She’s got the four directions

In Her hands

She’s got the four directions

In Her hands

She’s got the four directions

In Her hands

She’s got the whole world

In Her hands


Other, additional verses, which I hope covers most of what may be on anyone's mind, who happens upon them.

She’s got the Pagans and the Witches

She’s got the joyous songbirds

She’s got the hardworking bees

She’s got the threatened and endangered

She’s got the hunters and the hunted

She’s got the tiny clover blossom

She’s got the tallest redwood

She’s got the corn and the wheat

She’s got vast cloudless skies

She’s got the winds from ev’ry quarter

She’s got the fury of the whirlwind

She’s got the spark that lights the fire

She’s got coruscating rainbows

She’s got torrential downpours

She’s got the currents of the oceans

She’s got mountain building powers

She’s got tectonic movements

She’s got ev’ry ecosystem

She’s got ev’ry kind of being

She’s got the circle of the seasons

She’s got the cycle of rebirth

She’s got the code of DNA

She’s got the motions of the planets

She’s got the universe’s spiral

Copyright 2020 Patricia A. Leslie

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