October Blooper of the Month #1

“…just like 2016, we’ve once again got the Kremlin running social media operations … to undermine the Democranac – Democratic candidate … and thereby boost Donald Tramp’s – uh, Donald Trump’s chances of winning…” (Rachel Maddow, "The Rachel Maddow Show”, MSNBC, August 7, 2020)

Yet another choice Freudian slip by Rachel! Plus a unique renaming of the Demo Party!

October Blooper of the Month #2

“It wasn’t enough when the president intervened, and Bill Barr intervened, to recommend a shorter sentence for Donald Trump, they now, the president now had to take action to make that sentence go away completely,” (Rep Adam Schiff, on Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC July 10, 2020)

This was actually an interview about President 45 commuting the Roger Stone prison sentence; but who can blame Rep. Schiff, who must be so exhausted by now, dealing with 45’s overt criminality, tht he has a little Freudian slip-up and lets himself imagine for just one comforting moment, that it’s “Donald Trump”, not Roger Stone, who has actually been sentenced.

October Blooper of the Month #3

“The groups of people most at risk from wildlife smoke overlap many of the groups that are also at high risk for COVID-19” (The Seattle Times, online ‘print’ edition, September 9, 2020; article: “How to reduce your exposure to unhealthy air from Washington state’s wildfire smoke. That cloth mask won’t help”)

Yes, bears get very surly when you try to convince them to quit; and most bears are under 10 years old, so who is buying them all these cigs?

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