April 2021 Blooper of the Month #1

“"At what point after the captain made the announcement that there was something wrong with the ship, did you notice there was something seriously wrong?"( CBS "Early Show", September 16, 2011; 7:15 a.m.)

I started going through an old file of "funny stuff" and found a small cache of forgotten but still funny bloopers. I like this one because it is the same kind of inane question that reporters and anchors have always asked, and probably always will.

April 2021 Blooper of the Month #2

'This is still the same storm - we have Number Two on the way." (Roberta Gonzalez, KPIX, Weather Report, 5:00 News, March 13, 2012)

TA classic example of being so intent on getting the data out in a short time-slot, that the speaker never takes the time to reflect on the content

April 2021 Blooper of the Month #3

This one is complicated! There shouldn't be anything, ever, connected with the murder of George Floyd, or his family's grief, that can trigger laughter. But what can you do when a very heavily watched British morning talk show, and their well-known presenter, all screw up so very, very badly? Read my account & commentary below, and judge for yourself. Or watch the YouTube video which I've linked below (I hope).

“we are joined by George [Floyd]’s elder sister, LaTonya, in her first UK sit down interview”  this is part of the descriptive blurb for a clip from “Good Morning Britain” posted to YouTube on March 29, 2021. In this 10 minute long interview, Susanna Reid, one of the GMB hosts, repeatedly addressed George Floyd’s brother as “LaTonya”. The brother is a heavy-set man in his mid 50s; no one in their right mind could have looked at the live image of him speaking on camera and thought “Oh yes, that’s an African American woman.”  

The screen shows a caption which also identifies the brother as “LaTonya Floyd”. And the YouTube Clip is titled “George Floyd’s Sister Talks About Derek Chauvin’s Trial in Emotional Interview.” Which make it seem like somebody at GMB actually did watch it all the way through (it was very emotional) but was intellectually incapable of distinguishing that a husky black man, wering a baseball cap, and with only a bald scalp showing below the hat, was not a woman.

Well, now. GMB was getting live camera feed of Mr. Floyd’s brother speaking and answering bimbo Susanna Reid’s interview questions in real time. But apparently the video side of the live interview wasn’t being streamed to Reid or her on-camera partner. OR even being viewed by the GMB producer or director, who might have been able to send a message, such as “Stop calling this man LaTonya”. To my ear, there is also NO way anyone could mistake his voice as sounding female.

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